Water1st International

Tags: Childhood Diseases (all), Clean Water, Community Development, Disease (all), Gender Equality

Water1st International unites people to end the global water crisis by supporting sustainable clean water, toilet, and hygiene-education projects for the world's poorest communities. We believe this worldwide, silent catastrophe will be solved when we build a community of concerned individuals, and together, take simple and effective actions. The lack of access to safe, clean water and sanitary toilets is the top public health problem in the world and the #1 killer of children in the world. Lack of access to clean water has a devastating effect on women and girls who are traditionally responsible for water collection. Water1st educates people about this issue and provides an opportunity to respond in a way that makes a lasting impact on people’s lives. The funds we raise support people in the poorest communities in the world as they implement community-managed projects that integrate water supply, toilets, and health education. People living in extreme poverty have many needs, but we believe water comes first. Access to an ample, reliable supply of good quality water in combination with sanitation facilities and hygiene education will address most of the health problems in many communities. We also believe that a well-implemented water project provides a foundation for further quality of life improvements. Water projects provide some of the community’s most productive individuals - women - with more time to devote to other development activities. Water projects also increase access to education. When done right, water projects introduce functional, sound social institutions capable of resolving important community issues. Water1st projects are the foundation on which strong communities are built.